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Frank Retar’s established legal career as a Windsor criminal lawyer has given him knowledge in a number of criminal law related practice areas including:

criminal law assault charge

Assault Charges

Generally an assault occurs when a person intentionally applies direct or indirect force to another person without consent.
criminal law drug offenses

Drug Offences

Drug offence charges include drug trafficking, drug possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, drug importation or conspiracy to traffic drugs.
Criminal Law Drinking & Driving

Drinking & Driving or DUI Offences

Being charged with “drinking and driving” or DUI (Driving under the influence) is a criminal matter in Canada governed by the Criminal Code.
Criminal Law

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    For most people, being charged with a criminal offence can be the most devastating situation in a lifetime. More often than not, normal citizens, never involved in the criminal justice system, find themselves responsible for the daunting task of ensuring that their best interests are guarded and protected. Criminal charges such as: drinking and driving, assault, and drug offenses can have a long and lasting impact on your life. When you’ve been accused of a criminal offence, choosing the right lawyer may be the most important decision you ever make.


    After completing his schooling at The University of Windsor and Detroit Mercy School of Law, Frank Retar started his legal practice in 2001 and has been a strong legal force in the province of Ontario ever since.


    Frank Retar has counselled, defended and obtained successful results for a variety of offenders from those charged with serious crimes such as murder and importing/trafficking drugs to those charged with drinking and driving and DUI’s.


    On many occasions, Frank Retar has worked with other disciplines such as private investigators and physicians to ensure that every possible avenue is exhausted in the successful defence of your case.


    Frank Retar is a seasoned and aggressive criminal defence lawyer. He has spent virtually every day of his professional career in a court room being actively involved in, and conducting, almost every conceivable facet of a criminal proceeding.


    Frank Retar makes it a point to spend all the time that is necessary to ensure that each and every person he has the privilege of representing understands all the important steps of the legal process.


    With incredible guidance forged by his mentors, he was instilled with the highest demand for integrity and professionalism and a responsibility to ensure that justice be served to every person charged with a criminal offence.