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Traffic tickets, speeding tickets and criminal driving charges can affect your insurance rates, demerit points, and your right to drive. Before you pay your speeding ticket fine, be sure that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. When you pay a fine on a speeding ticket, it’s an automatic plea of guilt to the speeding offence. This means that the speeding conviction will immediately be registered on your driving record and any demerit points associated with the speeding ticket will also be registered against your licence. Speeding tickets over 15 km/hr carry anywhere from 3 – 6 demerit points. If you accumulate enough demerit points, the Ministry of Transportation may call you in for an interview and could suspend your licence!

Not only do speeding tickets carry fines and demerit points, speeding convictions can also increase your insurance rates dramatically. Some people may wonder why they would want to pay a professional to fight their speeding ticket for more than the fine amount listed on the ticket. The reason is that the increases in your insurance due to the speeding charge could cost you thousands over the three years the speeding ticket will be on your record.

The best way to approach the situation, understand your rights and formulate a winning defence is to speak to a lawyer who has knowledge and experience in the areas that most affect you.

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