The greatest lessons in life are those gained from hard work, dedication and experience.

Frank Retar is a seasoned, experienced, aggressive criminal defence lawyer. Mr. Retar has spent virtually everyday of his professional career in a court room, being involved in and conducting almost every conceivable facet of a criminal proceeding. Mr. Retar has counselled, defended and obtained successful results for persons charged with murder, dangerous offenders, persons charged with importing and trafficking large amounts of drugs, all the way to routine highway traffic matters and all matters in between.

The affect that a charge and all its consequences can have on the well being of the person charged and their family, is often more serious than the nature of the charge itself. Much of Frank Retar’s practice involves those persons who are charged and facing criminal consequences for the first time. To a citizen unfamiliar to the Court system, the Criminal Justice process can be very overwhelming. It’s for this reason that choosing the right person to represent you, can be the most important decision you will ever make.

While working for almost 10 years in manufacturing, Frank Retar was also able to attain an undergraduate degree from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay where he received different awards for his academic success. Thereafter, he attended both the University of Windsor and Detroit Mercy School of Law, where there too, he was recognized for his academic achievements.

After completing Law School, Mr. Retar returned to Thunder Bay where he was privileged to work with the late Mr. B Lee Baig, Q.C. After leaving Thunder Bay, Mr. Retar, relocated to Kitchener where he worked as an Associate with, who would later become, the respected, Justice W. Rabley of the Ontario Court of Justice.

His mentors instilled the highest demand for integrity and professionalism and as importantly, a responsibility to ensure that justice be served to each and every person charged with a criminal offence. It was as a result of this guidance that Mr. Retar and his wife relocated to Windsor Ontario in 2001 where they started a family and Mr. Retar built his own successful legal practice.

Frank Retar makes it a point to spend all the time that is necessary to ensure that each and every person he has the privilege of representing understands each and every step in the process. In many instances, Mr. Retar has worked with other disciplines, such as Private Investigators; Actuaries; Physicians, Psychiatrists and Psychologists; Accident Re-constructionists and whomever may be able to assist in ensuring that every possible avenue is exhausted in the successful defence of your case.

With an office in Windsor, Frank Retar has taken his experience, hard work and tenacity and has successfully advocated on behalf of his clients throughout the province of Ontario. Frank welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and discuss with you the successful management of your personal crisis in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family.


He is qualified under Legal Aid Ontario standards as a panel member capable of accepting “Extremely Serious Criminal Matters” and routinely accepts such cases. Extremely Serious Criminal Matters are defined as youth or adult trials, appeals, or extradition for:

  • All murder charges
  • All dangerous offender applications
  • All charges with a mandatory minimum penitentiary sentence of 4 years or more
  • Any young offender matters
  • Charges contained in Criminal Code sections 83.2 to 83.22 related to terrorism

Frank Retar is a member in good standing with The Law Society of Upper Canada, The Criminal Lawyers Association, The Essex Lawyers Association, and The Chatham Kent Lawyers Association.