Because every case is different, there is no set formula for determining the cost of defending a case. It will depend on a number of factors, including the nature of the offence, the complexity of it, and the legal objective you seek to achieve. That is why it is important for you to meet with me to discuss your case.

Once we determine what the criminal problem is, the obstacles that must be surpassed, and the outcome you wish to achieve, we can then discuss the appropriate fee for your case.

Most of the cases I defend are done on a “block fee” basis. This covers all the requisite services that are needed to defend your case, such as set date appearances, reviewing disclosure, meetings with the Crown, and appearing for your trial and/or your preliminary hearing. The fees and services are always clearly set out in writing. Bail hearings, bail reviews, and bail variation applications often require additional payment. Mileage, travel and accommodation are occasionally additional expenses for cases outside the Greater Windsor Area.

I do offer an hourly rate option but it is almost always in the interests of the client to select the “block fee” option. It often provides a sense of comfort in knowing exactly how expensive the entire process will cost up front.

I do accept Legal Aid for many types of cases. Windsor Legal Aid is a great resource for those who cannot afford a lawyer.

In most cases, a payment plan can be arranged. Once the cost is determined, we can arrange a payment plan that fits your individual financial circumstances.

Accepted forms of payment are:
Cash, Money Order or Bank Draft.

Frank Retar accepts Legal Aid certificates from clients who cannot afford to retain him privately.